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Womanizer - Wave 2-in-1 Pleasure Stimulation Shower Head Clitoral Massager Chrome

Womanizer - Wave 2-in-1 Pleasure Stimulation Shower Head Clitoral Massager Chrome

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Experience the world's first PleasureJet shower head with Womanizer Wave, where water massage meets clitoral stimulation in a discreet and stylish package. Showering just got sexier as you explore your body in a totally unique way, with various settings designed to take you on a journey of pleasure without overstimulation.

Wave features three water jets – PleasureJet and PleasureWhirl settings specifically stimulate the clitoris, while the luxurious PowderRain setting provides a blissful shower experience. All settings are finely honed by market-leading bathroom manufacturers hansgrohe, ensuring optimum performance.

The versatility of Wave makes it truly remarkable, as it can be used as a regular high-quality shower head or as an exquisite pleasure toy. Upgrade your self-care routine with Womanizer Wave, engineered by experts hansgrohe and Womanizer to reinvent the concept of masturbation and me-time.

With simple controls and an intensity slider, exploring your desires with Wave is effortless and satisfying. Effortlessly switch between settings using the single-button control and smoothly adjust the intensity with the intuitive slide adjuster.

Upgrade your self-care routine with Womanizer Wave, the first-ever combined pleasure shower head and water massage clitoral stimulator, designed to deliver a unique and exceptional experience like never before.


Key Features

  • Experience a unique 2-in-1 function with Womanizer Wave: a top-of-the-range shower head and a water-pressure clitoral massager - the only product of its kind.
  • Expertly engineered by industry leaders, Womanizer Wave brings together the world's best shower and the number one pleasure brand for the ultimate self-care routine.
  • Enjoy comfortable one-handed control with the ergonomic shape of the shower head, providing effortless water massage stimulation.
  • Intuitively switch between 3 different water jets and pressure intensities at the touch of a button, offering a variety of sensations to suit your preferences.
  • Save water with EcoSmart technology, as Womanizer Wave uses 60% less water than conventional shower heads while maintaining optimum performance.
  • Effortlessly install Womanizer Wave by simply switching out your old shower head for this exceptional pleasure device.


How to use a WOMANIZER Wave

1. Install Womanizer Wave easily by affixing to your existing shower hose.

2. Switch between the PowderRain setting for a luxurious shower to sensual massage with PleasureWhirl and powerful pulsation with PleasureJet.

3. Use the ergonomic shower head in one hand for effortless stimulation.

4. Use the intensity slider on the shower head for stepless adjustment and add variation to the water pressure.

5. Enjoy thrilling new sensations using the natural power of water on your body.


Box Includes

  • 1 x Womanizer Wave shower head
  • Sieve seal
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety information


Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 191 g
  • Dimensions: 88 x 73 x 270 mm
  • Warranty: 2-year local coverage



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