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Tenga - Squeeze Tube Cup Regular - Red (NEW GENERATION 2020)

Tenga - Squeeze Tube Cup Regular - Red (NEW GENERATION 2020)

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Handle Yourself Freely

The Soft Tube CUP allows you to manipulate the pressure during use! The sensation you desire, controlled on your whim. Squeeze, release, knead and stroke for various sensations!

Tenga - Squeeze Tube Cup

The tenga cups all feature the smooth pad insertion mechanism! This mechanism not only offers extra adherence, air tightness and less lubricant leakage, but will automatically apply lubricant to your shaft as you insert!

Product Features

  • Designed for one-time, disposable use
  • Prelubricated suggest use without a condom for direct stimulation.
  • The soft case is malleable but doesn't stretch to harmonize constriction and manipulation.
  • Rounded end of this male stroker of the passage way is reservable which allows a supple entry and a superb sense of adhesion
  • Soft tube casing allows free application of pressure. Air hole controls the suction section
  • 29 nubs encompass the rounded tip and stimulate the sensitive head of penis, reverse nubs offer smooth entry and entwining retreat

For an better experience

Please remove the sticker covering the air hole at the tip of the item – this allows air to flow out of the item for smooth insertion. Additionally you can control the vacuum suction of the cup if you cover the air hole with your finger.

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