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Tenga - Spinner 04 Pixel Spiral Edge Male Masturbator

Tenga - Spinner 04 Pixel Spiral Edge Male Masturbator

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Tenga - Spinner 04 Pixel Spiral Edge

An all-new internal coil for Spinner 04 Pixel Spiral Edge which is designed to look like pixels inside: little blocks sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke! Enjoy a unique sensation like none other. 

Specs: Firmness Lv4.5, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3 

Product Features

  • The latest products for Spinner series is Tenga spinner 04 pixel,05 beads and 06 brick.
  • Tenga 04 Pixel is the “hardest” of the three new versions, and also the largest inside (Which is perfectly suitable for larger user)
  • This masturbation sleeve stretches to accommodate almost any size and unlike the eggs, it retains its shape for longer
  • 6 different models that contain a completely different internal structure that provide a completely unique sensation
  • The expansion and contraction of the spiral parts create a powerful twist depending on the stroke.
  • An all-new internal coil makes the spinner twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke
  • Comes with different material firmness to suit the experience, best to use it with tenga lotion
  • Reusable masturbator easy to clean and storage
  • Removing the bottom cover reveals a drying case for hygienic drying.
  • Because of its lightweight design, you can take it out with you. Anywhere and everywhere.
  • With correct use, you may use this item approx. 50 times (Vary according to the method you use)

The TENGA Spinner series 01 to 03 is the Winner of a Red Dot for Product Design 2019! 

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