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Tenga - Pocket Spark Beads Masturbator

Tenga - Pocket Spark Beads Masturbator

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The pleasure of being wrapped in beads of different sizes cannot be underestimated!

The Tenga Pocket series features a compact and discreet disposable masturbation sleeve that is easy to carry around, use and dispose of. The lubrication used is also easy to wipe off!

Spark Beads feature a design, never seen before in the Tenga pocket series. The walls are filled with beads of various sizes, perfect for both stroking and rotating motion!

  • Harndess: level 3
  • Stimulation: level 5
  • Details size: level 1
  • Body size: 80 x 8 x 135 mm
  • Body weight: 20.0g
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