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Tenga - Pocket Masturbator Sleeve Block Edge

Tenga - Pocket Masturbator Sleeve Block Edge

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Ideal for "relaxing" who enjoy the softness of the material and the warmth of the hands!

Waveline of a long-selling model that has continued since the birth of the POCKET series.
It features folds with a smooth impression that are arranged with a narrow spacing toward the tip. Maximize the strength of the POCKET TENGA series that fits any size
by using a soft material with soft eyes!
The stimulus derived from the internal structure is modest , and it is an item that I would like to recommend to beginners who are using POCKET TENGA forthefirst time.

Harndess: level 4
Stimulation: level 3
Details size: level 5
Body size: 80 x 8 x 135 mm
Body weight: 20.0g


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