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Tenga - Onacup Air Cushion Cup 15th Anniversary Blue

Tenga - Onacup Air Cushion Cup 15th Anniversary Blue

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Materials, technology, pleasure, all of the highest quality.
The highest quality gel specially formulated, high-grade urethane foam that wraps moistly, premium lotion that is easy to wipe off, luxurious internal details specially designed, and mold technology and molding technology that realize it.
PREMIUM TENGA SERIES is a higher-grade CUP SERIES created by carefully selected top quality materials and skillful techniques cultivated over many years.

Premium elasticity due to the air cushion.
The air cushion structure designed exclusively for premium, which is different from the standard, has further evolved elasticity and stickiness.
Please experience the finest premium pleasure that the delicate details that are loosely entwined and the elasticity that wraps around moistly weave.

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