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Tenga - KEITH HARING × TENGA Dance Series EGG Masturbator

Tenga - KEITH HARING × TENGA Dance Series EGG Masturbator

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TENGA has collaborated with the Keith Haring Foundation to bring you a series of our best selling male pleasure items featuring Haring's artwork! Be sure to check out the interior of the EGGs!

Super-Stretch Sleeves for Pleasure!

Different Strokes from Different Yolks! The TENGA EGG Series may look small, but their super-stretchable material can fit users of almost any size!
The external designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – with a variety of EGGs to choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect match.


Inside of this egg male toy is wrapped in a pleasant feeling that is continuous and extraordinarily by Waibingu ribs crossed vertically and horizontally.It is characterized by a stimulus born at the time of overcoming a step, and a violent stimulation by longitudinal ribs supporting it

Product Features

  • TENGA × Keith Haring Collaboration
  • Designed for one-time, disposable use.
  • Super stretch material to fit various sizes
  • Designed to give the option of stretching for complete coverage, or limiting stimulation to only the head of the penis.

  • Contained in a protective egg-shaped case - small, discreet, perfect for taking on a weekend away

  • A sachet of water-based lube included for immediate play

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