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Tenga - Crysta Ball Reusable Male Masturbator Clear

Tenga - Crysta Ball Reusable Male Masturbator Clear

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TENGA - Crysta Block

TENGA crysta with a myriad of parts suspended in clear gel by a newly developed insert manufacturing method. The hard parts scattered around change the stimulus by changing the gripping location and strength. Please enjoy a new tactile grip action that discovers new pleasure every time you use it.

Product Features

  • Easy to clean and used repeatedly
  • With a stand that can keep it hygienely
  • Comes with a sample pack of lubricant
  • Best to use with Tenga water-based lotion

What is the different about each Tenga Crysta?

Leaf Leaf - pleasure wave that changes smoothly!

Ball Ball - Unpredictable click ball pleasure motion!

Block Block - Pleasant impact of omnidirectional hard block!

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