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Tenga - Bobble Series Masturbation Cup Magic Marble

Tenga - Bobble Series Masturbation Cup Magic Marble

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The pleasure of running around the rumbling gel.

A new sensation hall "Bobble" is now available!


The new concept of Gorogorogel bounces, rolls, and collides!

Highly elastic rugged gel runs around the inside of the hole made of soft gel, realizing acrobatic movement like never before.

Please enjoy the new pleasure created by the contrast of stimulation!


Key Features

  • Five big wavy balls swell and stimulate.
  • The synergistic effect with the soft base gel gives you a new feeling of play!
  • Molds gels with extremely different hardness, ultra-soft gel and high-elasticity gel.
  • The highly elastic rugged gel designed this time can be freely played in a soft hole according to the stroke and grip.
  • Enjoy the new stimulus of tasting two extremely different types of gel at the same time in one hall.


Box Includes

  • 1 x Tenga - Bobble Magic Marble Masturbator


Product Specifications

  • Size: D58mm x W58mm x H140mm (including exterior) / D50mm x W50mm x H130mm (main unit only)
  • Body weight: 230g (including exterior) / 150g (main unit only)


* Please purchase TENGA HOLE LOTION (sold separately) after using up the sample lotion.

* This product is designed to be used repeatedly, but if it is damaged, do not use it.





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