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Tenga - Air-Tech Twist Tickle Reusable Onacup

Tenga - Air-Tech Twist Tickle Reusable Onacup

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Featuring even stronger suction than its Original Vacuum CUP predecessor, the Reusable Vacuum CUP is the AIR-TECH Series’ flagship reusable CUP model! The different styles provide intensity and size options, but all feature an amazing Air-Flow Structure that allows air to escape upon insertion, but also trap pockets of air to create stimulating feedback!

The Air-Tech Twist - Tickle

The Air-Tech Twist Tickle lets you tailor the tightness to your preference! Adjust the stimulation from tight to loose with a unique compression system, to create your own Air-Tech experience.

Key Features

  • Tickle – Rugged nubs for intense stimulation
  • Features an internal compression unit that allows you to adjust the tightness of the product
  • Twist the dial at the top to adjust 5 stages of tightness
  • Perfect to use it with tenga water based lotion.
  • Best washed with tap water without any abrasive cleaners or scrubber
  • With correct use, you may use this item approx. 50 times (Vary according to the method you use) 

Is the Air-Tech Twist reusable?

Yes! With proper washing and care, the Air-Tech Twist items is reusable. Please note that product longevity may vary in accordance with methods and strength of use, lubricant choice, cleaning and storage methods, and overall maintenance.
For best results, use TENGA HOLE LOTION and always follow care instructions.

What is the difference between the TENGA CUP Series and TENGA Air-Tech Series? 

While the TENGA CUP series are single-use disposable items, the Air-Tech series are structurally similar reusable items. They have even stronger vacuum strength thanks to their airflow structure and a new air-cushion system. Cris-crossing ribs along the length of the inner sleeve allow air to flow out of the case upon insertion, and create pockets of trapped air which provide pressure from all sides, creating more intense vacuum sensations.

What is the difference between the Air-Tech Twist TICKLE and RIPPLE?

The custom-tightness function is the same in both, but the internal details of each item differs, with the TICKLE featuring large nubs, and the RIPPLE featuring gentle wavy ribs.


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