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Tenga - AERO Silver Ring Reusable Onacup

Tenga - AERO Silver Ring Reusable Onacup

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New development! Aero Dial structure, enjoy 10 Levels of Air Pressure Control.

By turning the dial on the main body, you can control the feeling of suction pressure from Level 1 to 10! You can adjust the vacuum and tightening to your liking.

Please enjoy the free suction pleasure.

Silver features an inner hole with a tighter grip and spiral structure that entangles your member.


TENGA AERO - Silver Ring: Tangled screw pleasure!

  • You can enjoy the entwined feel with the sharp details and the crisp, high-elasticity ring gel.
  • Can be washed and used repeatedly. (With based lotion)
  • With a stand that can hygienically dry the inner gel.
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