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Shunga - Rain Of Love G Spot Arousal Cream 30ml

Shunga - Rain Of Love G Spot Arousal Cream 30ml

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Shunga Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream for Extreme Stimulation. Ecstasy Cream for Women Lubricates Excites - Geisha-inspired Sexual Wellness Accessories

You no longer need to wait for sensations to surface that take you to the edge of thundering orgasms. With the Shunga Rain of Love Cream, you now have an adult lifestyle accessory that helps you get in the mood, perform better and shock your partner with titillation, provocation and arousal like never before. This G-Spot Arousal Cream is rather gentle in terms of application but yields instant and surprisingly intense results. It can intensify an exotic massage to something explosive. Try the G spot stimulation cream as a part of foreplay. The sexual enhancement cream is inspired by Geisha's technique of arousing sacred points of women to help them achieve the ultimate climax. The naughty arousal cream enhances lubrication, helping women achieve ejaculation with ease.

• Enhances stimulation of erogenous zones - gives stinging sensations. G-spot arousal cream helps in uplifting mood, preparing women for intense orgasms
• Ideal naughty gift for couples, friends, or your partner during Valentine's Day
• Safe to use as a lubricant. Does not cause staining of bedsheets
• Travel-friendly women's cream is smartly packed. Easy to carry in handbag or vacation luggage

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