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Romp - Dash Reusable Manual Stroker Male Masturbator

Romp - Dash Reusable Manual Stroker Male Masturbator

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ROMP Dash is manual masturbator – a skin-soft stroker that feels oh-so-good when you add just the right amount of movement. Using natural suction – no batteries required – ROMP Dash sucks as hard as you like. It’s easy to use, reuse and clean. Easy come, easy go.


Key Features

  • Skin To Skin – the soft and fleshy TPE feels as real as you need it to be. It’s a riot of sensation.
  • This Thing Sucks – ROMP Dash allows you to control the internal suction. Shhhlurrrrp.
  • Good Clean Fun – the internal sleeve is removable. Use, remove, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat…
  • Under Cover – discreet design and a closing lid means you could leave it on your bedside table or easily smuggle ROMP Dash through airport security.
  • Safety First – only body-safe, phthalatefree and latex-free materials.


Box Includes

  • 1 x Romp - Dash


Product Specifications

  • Materials: TPE, ABS, PU
  • Size: 200 x 75 x 75 mm
  • Weight: 553 g


How to Play

1. Apply water-based lube to your ROMP Dash and insert your penis slowly.
2. Open the cap at the top and then close the cap again to create a snug suction around the penis.
3. Raise and lower ROMP Dash up and down the shaft in a stroking motion.
4. Twist ROMP Dash from side to side for extra sensations and to adjust the pressure.
5. Remove ROMP Dash by lifting it off completely


Cleaning and Maintenance Care

  • Wash with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap after each use
  • Ensure that the toy is fully dry before storing
  • Keep the toy away from extreme temperature or direct sunlight
  • Wipe dry with microfiber cloth
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