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Lelo - F1S V3 XL App-Controlled Dual Motor Masturbator with Sensonic and Cruise Control Technology Blue

Lelo - F1S V3 XL App-Controlled Dual Motor Masturbator with Sensonic and Cruise Control Technology Blue

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F1S V3 is the next-gen male pleasure console with two motors for double the power and several innovative upgrades, including the XL version for users with larger anatomies. F1S V3 is app-connected via Bluetooth, where users can unlock three additional settings on top of the existing four, including the cutting-edge AI interactive mode. F1S V3 comes with auto-adjusted liquid silicone ribs, allowing it to sit on the phallus without needing extra thrusting movement. The motors stimulate the penile nerve endings and shaft; no hand motion is needed.

Embedded inside F1STM V3, a performance feedback sensor emits real-time encrypted information via Bluetooth based on the device's movement. Then, the AI INTERACTIVE mode in the LELO app processes the data in real time, syncing the motor intensity and motion response perfectly with the device's movement. This is possible thanks to meticulous in-house testing during the development stage, where we trained the AI interface using the encrypted tester data to refine its motor response capabilities.


Key Features

  • AUTO-ADJUSTED LIQUID SILICONE: The newly introduced silicone ribs allow for airflow, eliminating the creation of air pockets while providing an added point of stimulation. This real-feel material embodies softness, elasticity, and durability.

  • NEW XL SIZE FOR LARGER ANATOMIES: Based on customer feedback, we are launching two sizes: one normal size and one XL size.
  • APP CONNECTED WITH 7 POWERFUL PLEASURE SETTINGS: Both versions have 4 settings, and with LELO APP, users can unlock 3 additional settings via Bluetooth, including the new powerful AI interactive mode.

  • SENSONIC & CRUISE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: The sensation of sonic waves and patented Cruise Control technology that assures no drop in intensity make F1S V3 the ultimate act of self-love.
  • UNIQUE DUAL MOTOR DESIGN: Two synchronized motors stimulate the penile nerve endings and shaft, delivering the sensation with no hand motion needed.


Box Includes

  • 1 x Lelo F1S V3 XL
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Manual
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