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Iroha - Petit SHELL Clitoral Massager

Iroha - Petit SHELL Clitoral Massager

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* One-time use item. Please use as soon as possible after opening.
* This product does not vibrate.

If you are looking for a new and unique pleasure experience, you should definitely get Iroha - Petit!

New easy-to-use product from Iroha! It comes in 3 different designs and is made with 98% water! This affordable and innovative design allows you to enjoy a unique pleasure experience, different from silicone products! Since it is 98% water, you can warm it in a bath or cool it in a fridge and enjoy the experience of different temperature! 

SHELL - Tickling stimulation by delicate and continuous folds

Perfect for vertical motion!


1. Support the cup with one hand and slowly peel off the lid. * There is a risk of water spilling inside. Please be careful.

2. Discard the water inside.

3. Place the cup on your palm and push the bottom to remove it. * If you forcibly remove the main body, it may be damaged. Take it out without applying excessive force.



Product Number:  FMP-01
Body Size mm:  L 36 x W 53 x H 53
Package Size mm:  L 38 x W 60 x H 78
Body Weight:  34.5g
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