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Intimina - Lily Compact Size A Mensuration Cup

Intimina - Lily Compact Size A Mensuration Cup

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Experience the revolutionary menstrual cup - The world’s first-ever collapsible menstrual cup

We’d like to introduce you to the world's first collapsible cup that folds flat and fits into a small protective case! You can toss it in your backpack, purse or pocket, and you're good to go. Then, when you need it, it can be popped open for up to 12 hours of non-stop protection. Hassle-free.

Be safe and secured on the go. Doing sports, traveling or being an active mom. Whenever and wherever.

Key Features :

Your personal bodyguard on-the-go

  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • Covers light to medium flow
  • Collapses flat into a handy protective case
  • Up to 12 hours of hassle-free protection
  • Comes in two sizes, A and B
  • Reusable and eco-friendly period solution

Choose between Size A & B

A size : If you haven’t given birth or you gave birth by caesarean, this is a perfect size for you. This size is perfect for those of you who have a medium flow. Size A could holds 18 ml.

B size: This size is recommended for women who gave birth or for those who have a weaker pelvic floor. If you have a heavier flow, this will be the perfect match for you. Size B could holds 23 ml – which is still a higher capacity than a tampon!.

What’s the Difference Between Lily Cup One , Lily Cup Compact And Lily Cup?

Lily Cup Compact was the very first reusable menstrual cup to collapse down flat for easy-carrying. For women with a lower cervix, Intimina generally recommend using this. This cup is much shorter in length than the Lily Cup, and should sit comfortably below the cervix.

Lily Cup is one of the higher capacity cups out there, so it’s great for everything from light to very heavy flow. If you have a higher cervix then you generally have a little more leeway in choosing your cup. Some women find that they prefer a longer cup like the Lily Cup, which has the dual benefit of both a higher capacity and a longer stem. Longer cups also usually sit closer to the vaginal entrance, making them a little bit easier to remove.

Lily Cup One has a slimmer bubble design, so it’s less of a daunting fit for smaller anatomies. It also has a stiffer rim than any of our other menstrual cups so it’s easier to open once inserted. This cup was made with newbies in mind. Whether you’re new to menstruating or new to cups, it has a few features that make it a bit easier to use.  Lily Cup One is their most petite cup, yet it still has an impressive 20 ml capacity (20 ml – or the same as 2 regular tampons).

Your how to use guide

Your how to use guide


Flatten the opening with the tall rim facing away from you. Then just simply roll your cup upwards.


As you would with a tampon, angle your cup towards your tailbone and insert it upwards until the removal stem is inside. The tall rim of the cup should be situated towards your back.


Run your finger around the cup to make sure it’s entirely open. If it is, it’s placed correctly - you can now wear it up to 12 hours!


Gently push the cup down and grip the stem to slowly pull downwards. Once you can feel the base of the cup squeeze it to release the seal. And - voila!


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