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Intimate Earth

Intimate Earth - Massage Oil Bloom Peony Blush 120ml

Intimate Earth - Massage Oil Bloom Peony Blush 120ml

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Intimate Earth Bloom Peony Blush Massage Oil - Fully Body Relaxation Oils for Couples. Arousal Massage Accessories. Premium Grade Sexual Wellness Gear

Intimate Earth brings you one of its most famous offering - a full body relaxation oil that also soothes the mind, boosts libido and provides intense lubrication. Bloom Peony Blush vegan friendly oil is not just another sexual wellness accessory. Whether you want to enjoy intimate moments as a couple, or relax the mind and body in the private, Intimate Earth Arousal Oil has got it all sorted. The body massage oil ingredient list is as natural as it can be with organic botanicals and extracts in a strategic blend. Everybody's skin deserves the most luxurious treatment, and lsquo;BLOOM' Peony Blush Massage Oil intensely moisturizes the skin, making it silkier. Buy the sexual health enhancement oil for its all-round benefits. Give it a few days of regular use and discover what optimism feels like in the bedroom - this could be your wisest investment!

• Skin safe oil is made of natural ingredients that don't harm or irritate the skin. Hypoallergic ingredients
• Massage oil for Him Her is a great gifting option at bachelor and bachelorette parties
• Fragrant massage oils helps you and your partner get in the groove of making love, relaxing the mind
• Full body massage oils are paraben free. Can be used in the most tender, private parts without any worry about causing rashes or allergies

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