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Intimate Earth

Intimate Earth - Massage Oil Awake Pink Grapefruit 120ml

Intimate Earth - Massage Oil Awake Pink Grapefruit 120ml

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Intimate Earth Awake Pink Grapefruit Massage Oil. Body Massage Gear, Relaxation Oils - Sexual Wellness Accessories

Intimate Earth brings the idea of exotically flavoured skincare to the niche of adult lifestyle products. Its Pink Grapefruit Oil is nothing short of bliss when it comes to a naturally flavoured lubricant that can be used on the most intimate parts, without worrying about skin allergies, with the assurance of surprising and pleasing your partner. Intimate Earth Awake Pink naturally derived massage oil has ample number of advantages to make it a critical part of your sexual wellness gear. You get an oil specially formulated for full body massage, prepared with botanical extracts. Slightly fragrant massage oil smells like pink grapefruit, which has some aromatic benefits too. Regular body massage not only boosts your sexual health physically but also affects the psychological aspects, rendering a relaxed mind that is invariably more likely to boost libido.

• Easy to use massage oil is readily absorbed into the skin. Makes erogenous zones better lubricated
• Skin safe oil is made of natural ingredients. Negligible chances of allergies or rashes
• Massage oils for him her prevent skin problems often associated with rough or dry penetration
• Health boosting oil improves overall lovemaking dynamics with aromatherapy benefits too
• Full body oil is paraben free. Great for use as a part of regular massage, tantric massage or intimate massages

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