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ID Lube

Id Lube - Pleasure Tingling Sensation Water Based Lubricant 65ml

Id Lube - Pleasure Tingling Sensation Water Based Lubricant 65ml

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Id Lube Enhanced Sensation 2.2oz - Water Based Lubricant. Non-Sticky Personal Lube for Enhancing Pleasure | Sexual Health Lubes for Men & Women
Id Lube Enhanced Sensation 2.2oz is the perfect solution for those who want to convert their sexual fantasies into real with the assurance that making love does not involve harming their skin or unwanted pain. This lube for men and women is about enhancing sexual pleasures - a must-have for any couple that celebrates the bounties of a healthy sex life. The water based lubricant adds new levels of excitement, encouraging you to take that next step, dig deeper into passionate intercourse and other types of foreplay and roleplay set-ups, including the kinky stuff. Apply intimate lube to the most tender parts of your body to increase stimulation. Id Lube helps to attain more intense orgasms. Intense lubricants are create using the safest, most comprehensively tested ingredients. It can be applied on sensitive skin without causing any harm or the fear of allergies. Go ahead and embark on a more sensually satisfying life with a sustained supply of Id Enhanced Sensation personal lube…

• Non-sticky lube can be easily used with either latex or silicone toys for more fun - gives you more freedom when trying out different types of adult lifestyle products
• You don't have to worry about stains - personal natural gel can be simply washed with water without fear of staining the sheets
• Personal lubricant reduces friction, acts as daily moisturiser and makes your skin smooth - makes intercourse less demanding, more pleasurable
• Comes with no-spill cap that gives you extra protection - you can put it inside your baggage without any hassle. This is the perfect travel-friendly lube for women and men

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