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ID Lube

Id Lube - Backslide Anal Silicone Based Lubricant 130ml

Id Lube - Backslide Anal Silicone Based Lubricant 130ml

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ID Lube Backslide Anal Formula - Silicone Based Lubricants. Sexual Health and Wellness. Adult Lifestyle, Intimate Gear

A lot of times, anal sex can become rather painful; consequently, hindering whatever pleasure one must acquire the act of sexual play. However, ID Lube has formulated a product that will make these worries of not doling out pleasure during anal sex, a matter of yesterday. This long lasting lube is perfect to spice up a session of either anal or vaginal sex. Try this skin friendly lubricating gel that is silicone based, hence, giving this sexual stimulation product a smooth glide. Hurry and make an effort to invigorate that fading chemistry with the partner in the bedroom with the help of this libido boosting lube!

• Lube for romantic couples contains clove and spilanthes extracts. Provide muscle relaxing effect during application
• User friendly lube comes in a convenient packaging. Easy to use. Travel friendly gel
• Aphrodisiac gel helps to make the act of anal sexual intercourse rather smooth and pleasurable
• Genital massaging lube is fit to use with latex and sex toys. Promotes sexual wellness in couples and individuals

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