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Fleshlight - Stand Dry Drying Rack

Fleshlight - Stand Dry Drying Rack

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YOU RINSE, WE DRY. Cleaning your Fleshlight is now easier than ever. With a Fleshlight Drying Rack, you don’t have to worry about how to position a clean, wet Fleshlight sleeve in order to ensure it’s dry. A Fleshlight Drying Rack is an efficient and effective solution for all of your standard-size Fleshlight sleeve drying needs. Made from coated aluminum, the Stand Dry dimension: 127 x 243 x 78 (mm)


Box Includes

  • 1 x Fleshlight - Stand Dry Drying Rack


How to use the Fleshlight “Stand Dry” Drying Rack

  • After cleaning your standard-size Fleshlight product, secure the sleeve onto the Fleshlight “Stand Dry” Drying Rack.
  • Place the Fleshlight plus Drying Rack on a flat surface such as a bathroom counter. The “bucket” will collect any water that drips from the sleeve. Do NOT place on or near any electrical equipment or sources.
  • Allow ample time for the sleeve to drip and air dry. For faster results, place near a source of airflow.
  • Return the sleeve to its case only after it is completely dry.
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