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Fleshlight Girls - Stoya Destroya Vagina Masturbator

Fleshlight Girls - Stoya Destroya Vagina Masturbator

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Fleshlight Girls® Stoya Lotus

Goth Girl Next Door, Alt Porn Star, or just plain Gorgeous. Call her what you want, the mind-blowing Stoya is the newest Fleshlight Girl. With her light green eyes, silky dark hair, and milky white complexion, Stoya's a tall, lean, all-natural girl that radiates sex from every orifice. That's why Fleshlight and Digital Playground are proud to offer Stoya every way you want her.

The Stoya Destroya features a multi-layer inner canal, that gives you starkly different pleasure sensation at every segment. Start off with a tight constriction of the well toned vagina. Be invited into the embrace of nubbly studs surrounding your penile tip, then make a trip down to its ridgy deep canal segement for an entirely different sensation. This structure is designed to keep you on a constant rigorous thrusting motion !

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