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Fleshlight Girls - Maitland Ward Vagina Toy Meets World Texture

Fleshlight Girls - Maitland Ward Vagina Toy Meets World Texture

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Fleshlight Girls - Maitland Ward Vagina Toy Meets World Texture

Toy Meets World Signature Fleshlight Girl and Pornstar, Maitland Ward!

This blue-eyed, fiery redhead is as feisty as she is sweet and innocent, and with this Fleshlight replica of her heavenly vagina, you’ve got the key to enter the ward of your wildest dreams.

Maitland started out as the girl-next-door actor, then ventured into cosplay and finally, the sexy adult industry. This Toy Meets World sleeve will take you on an orgasmic ride as you enter through her hole into two chambers of pleasure columns, followed by tight discs of delight. When you get real deep into her treasure chambers you will be spoiled by tantalising ridges and two areas of magnificent massage beads that just might launch you into orgasmic ecstasy.


Fleshlight Girls

This is an exclusive series of Fleshlight with over 30 different pornstars as models. By using a special gel, they are able to replicate the external vulvas of your favorite models right down to the smallest details! The interior however, is enhanced with multiple chambers of heavenly textures. Each chamber would be design with utmost consideration, in order to help anyone achieve their ultimate release.


Fleshlight Directions:

First first time usage, extract inner sleeve and soak in luke warm water with mild soap. Dry and stuff back the fleshlight sleeve into the casing. Apply sufficient water-based lubricant on the vagina lips and you are ready to stroke away!


TPR Sex toy:

TPE/TPR material is safe for use and does not cause any irritation, 'it is latex free' and release extremely low level of extractables. TPE/TPR is often used for medical apparatus like surgical gloves and artificial heart valves. Your new TPE/TPR Vibrator may feel a little plastic odour when first taken out from the package, this is due to corn powder applied on the sleeve(s) to prevent it from damages during transportation and exposure to directly heat or sunlight. you can rinse it once before use to remove the uneasy feel and smell.


Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) are generally referred to elastic and soft materials having the properties of rubber. TPE and TPR toys are usually phthalate-free* and latex-free. Although they have low level of extractables and seldom cause irritation to the user, it is considered porous (this means it has pores that may harbor bacteria. It is important that you do not share these toys, otherwise use a condom.


Cleaning your TPR toy:

Wash with warm water and mild soap - preferably foamy kind, try not to wet electronic components. TPE/TPR is very safe however it cannot 100% be sterilized.



Water-based lubricants should be used with TPE/TPR toys. Avoid oil-based lubricants, as oils will usually damage TPE/TPR. Silicone lubricants are often difficult to wash off of TPE/TPR, so avoid silicone lubricants unless otherwise approved by the toy's manufacturer. Do not store TPE/TPR toys with other soft toys, as the chemicals found in other soft toys can leach. Because most TPE/TPR toys are porous and soft, they will show signs of wear and will dull over time.


  • Orifice: Lady
  • Texture: Toy Meets World
  • Lube type: Water-based
  • Material: TPR
  • Vibration speed: Non Vibrating
  • Total Length: 25cm
  • Insertable/Usable Length: 20cm
  • Canal Diameter: 1.5cm
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