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Arcwave x Womanizer - Pleasure Pair Ion Stroker and Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Arcwave x Womanizer - Pleasure Pair Ion Stroker and Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator

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Arcwave Ion world`s first Pleasure Air stroker  and Womanizer Premium 2 Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator. 


Arcwave™ Ion is the world‘s first stroker to integrate Pleasure Air™ for the male body. The result is electrifying, body-shaking experience at the touch of a button. Ion will tease, suck and stimulate the Pacinian pleasure receptors to bring the orgasm to a whole new level.

  • Smart Silence Built-In: Stimulation starts and stops automatically as Ion senses skin contact on the Pleasure Air sensor.
    Pleasure Air is a patented technology developed by Arcwave™. It is an innovative new type of stimulation that is based entirely on changes in air pressure to target highly sensitive nerve endings, leading to a powerful new type of orgasm.
  • Clean Tech Silicone: Premium grade silicone, created by Arcwave, is super smooth, durable, hygienic and tailored for a superior finish.
    CleanTech silicone is only available within the Arcwave range. Its high density and biocompatibility make it safe from pathogens and germs.
  • In addition, CleanTech silicone is hypoallergenic and resistant to UV-light, making it more durable and hygienic than conventional materials on the market. This means that Arcwave products are much easier to clean, more hygiene and easier to keep fresh.
  • Suited to All Body-Types: Soft, stretchy silicone combined with Pleasure Air technology suits both circumcised and uncircumcised penises of all sizes.
  • Twist to Open: Unique design makes cleaning effortless, while its charging base integrates a silica stick to dry any lasting water droplets.


Define your own luxury moment with the Womanizer Premium 2 – a pleasure air clitoral stimulator for indulgent solo play just how you like it. PREMIUM 2 is the most luxurious Pleasure Air toy ever made. Womanizer’s flagship has been redesigned based on user feedback from over 1600 users to offer the most fulfilling experience. The high quality super soft silicone skin creates a delicate silky feel, and 14 intensity levels ensures smooth transition and control. Autopilot allows users to let go.

  • Pleasure Air Technology features the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure without touching the clitoris. This ensures that the approx 8,000 nerve endings are never overstimulated leading to a new kind of extraordinary orgasm. PREMIUM 2’s 14 intensity levels are perfectly balanced to offer the right setting for everyone.
  • Smart Silence ensures that Pleasure Air will only turn on when it senses skin contact. Until then PREMIUM 2 remains silent in standby mode for a discreet experience and to conserve battery life.
  • Auto pilot intuitively guides the orgasmic journey and surprises with random changes in intensity without having to adjust the settings manually. With no way to predict what comes next, Autopilot only leaves the thrill of anticipation and ecstasy.


Key Features

Ion: CleanTech Silicone, Pleasure Air  Technology, Smart Silence, Twist to Open 

Premium 2: Pleasure Air Technology,  Smart Silence, Autopilot 

Product Dimensions 

Ion: 154 x 52 x 83 mm 

Premium 2: 155 x 50 x 35 mm



(LxWxH) 28 x 8,9 x 24 cm

Product Weight 

Ion: 355g 

Premium 2: 141,1g 

Unit Weight 




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