The Trend of Toys that Warms by Pink Lifestyle

Recent trends allowed new technology to explode into the sex toy scene with new vibrators featuring heating technology that adds more internal sensation and relaxes muscles. It also warms up to simulate body temperature.

This added ‘heat function’ that warms the shaft up to mimic body temperature.

Why do you ask?

For a lifelike feel that will leave you with a warm, happy glow” of course.

I have decided to try it.

TryFun Soul Series – The Black Hole Automatic Masturbator

Once inside, it will feel like our intimate parts were taking a warm relaxing bubble bath.

Or that a fairy had flown in and gently placed a hot water bottle inside our family jewels.

The sensation was oddly comforting. Relaxing almost. It was really pleasant.

In all, it was an incredibly wholesome solo sex experience.

TRYFUN SOUL Series BLACK HOLE Masturbation Cup

TryFun proudly presents to you a breakthrough in adult toys history.  Soul Series is captivating in even sense that you’ve been always wanting.

Reuseable Redefined – 3 inner refills to reusable endlessly. Each of the inner refill giving you a different kind of sensation.

Suction Redefined – 3 auto suction mode or manual override to the way you like it.

Vibration Redefined – 4 intensity levels of vibration, whether is momentum or a random way it surprises you.

Warmth Redefined – Built-in Thermaliser to warm the device before you usage, giving you close to real human warmth.

Please wash only the inner refill separately.

Get your now at