Hot Boy Meets Hot Toy

Recent trends allowed new technology to explode into the male sex toy scene with new vibrators featuring heating technology that adds more internal sensation and relaxes muscles.

It warms up to simulate body temperature and this added ‘heat function’ warms our shaft up to mimic realistic body temperature.


Why do you ask?

It's for men’s comfort and for a lifelike feel that will leave us with a warm, happy glow” of course.

Once inside, it felt like my intimate parts were taking a warm relaxing bubble bath.

Or that a fairy had flown in and gently placed a hot water bottle inside my family jewels.

The sensation was oddly comforting. Relaxing almost. It was really pleasant.

In all, it was an incredibly wholesome solo sex experience.


TRYFUN SOUL Series BLACK HOLE Masturbation Cup


Seriously when I first received TryFun’s toy – I was telling myself to be careful and will I burn myself.

That was just silly of me.

I proudly present all men …… a breakthrough in male adult toys history.

TryFun Soul Series is captivating in every sense that we men have been waiting for.

This toy is a reuseable toy that allows us to wash with ease.


There are 3 inner refills to be reusable endlessly. Each of the inner refill giving us a different kind of sensation.

Moreover, its suction capability is fantastic!


I tried the 3 auto suction modes and I am an adventurer so the highest mode suits me so nicely.  I had an orgasmic experience in less than 10minutes.

Too fast?  Not for me.  Its combined vibrations (4 different modes) are perfect for days when we have a little time to play yet seeking solo playtime.

Just warm the device before we use as the Built-in Thermaliser will give us as close to real human warmth as possible!

To all brothers our there, please wash only the inner refill separately.


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