Variety of sex toys for couples

Switch Things up by Introducing Adult Toys Into Your Relationship

Feeling like your love life’s stuck in a rerun with the same old positions and routine? Let’s switch things up and inject some playful and surprising chaos with sex toys for couples! Think of them as the much-needed upgrades for your sex life, ready to unlock new levels of climaxes and connection with your other half. But before we unleash the mind-blowing fun, let’s make sure everyone’s on the same page.

1. Establishing Communication and Consent

Communication is the sexiest foreplay ever! Before you blindfold your partner and unleash the bullet egg vibrator from Lovense (we’ll get there soon), sit down and have a heart-to-heart with them. Talk about your desires, any anxieties you might have and all the sweet nothings that you’ve always been curious about. Maybe your partner also has a secret toy fantasy or kink they’ve been dying to try. 

Remember that consent is also an ongoing conversation and not just a one-time thing. Throughout your exploration, keep checking in with each other. A quick "Is this okay? Are you okay? Is this fun? And can I do anything to make you more comfortable?" goes a long way in making sure everyone's having a blast.

2. Engage in Educational Exploration

When it comes to the world of sex toys, forget the awkward drugstore pamphlet charts. With the world right at your fingertips, research all the information you need about sex toys online. At Pink Lifestyle, we have sizzling blog posts and informational articles that break down everything from dildos and cock rings to blow-up dolls and fleshlights. Learn about different materials, how to use each toy safely and the pleasure you get from solo and partnered adventures. This research phase can be seriously hot – consider it foreplay for the real fun to come!

3. Collaborative Decision-Making

Now that you've both done your homework, it's time to pick your player one (or two, or three). This isn't a solo mission, so make it a collaborative effort. Discuss each toy, imagining how it could enhance your sex life. Respect each other's boundaries, and remember, the goal is to explore new avenues of pleasure and toe-curling orgasms, not conquer Mount Everest on the first try.

Start small! Think classic erotic lingerie or vibrators. As you get comfortable, you can gradually add more adventurous toys to your "love toolbox”. 

4. Starting Slow and Steady

Here's where things get really exciting! The key is to approach this with a playful spirit. Don't feel pressured to recreate that scene from that one movie (unless that's your thing). You can also start by getting familiar with the toy on your own if you need to build your confidence or know your own turn-ons better. 

Some other things that you can do to enhance the whole experience include: 

• Set the mood

    Dim the lights, light some candles, and put on some ambient music to make your love nest feel irresistible.

    • Foreplay

      Use the toys to heighten arousal before diving into the main course.

      • Be Present

        Put away distractions and focus on the connection with your partner.

        With these tips, adult toys can become your secret weapon for a more playful, naughty and satisfying sex life. Check out our wide range of sex toys online that are guaranteed to take your love life from "meh" to "mind-blowing”! Get ready for a whole new season of steamy, satisfying fun with Pink Lifestyle. 

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