Rekindling the Romance During the Pandemic by Noorindah Iskandar

As a result of the mental fatigue and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, it may feel like keeping the romance alive with your partner would be the last thing on your mind especially after spending so much time together in lockdown. “What do you mean I have to be romantic, I’m literally stuck with them everyday!”

It’s precisely because working from home and being a partner/ mother/ father/ caretaker means that there hasn’t been a clear division in roles so you may end up taking your relationships for granted. What used to be minor annoyances may seem to suddenly erupt into major arguments over who’s doing all the emotional labour in the household, and picking up the pieces that the other partner leaves behind. Depression may also creep in as routines and freedom are disrupted, alongside the possibility of getting sick and job loss become real threats.

As we stay resilient through these collective hard times, here are some ways to keep your relationships strong and rekindle the romance with your partner.

1. Open and honest communication

It’s ok to not be ok and especially admit to that to your partner. Whenever you get upset and frustrated, it’s always helpful to voice it out to your partner in a clear and transparent manner without judgement and with an objective tone. Discussing the situation honestly may not feel comfortable at first so you can also write about it as a letter, or take some time away to personally journal before coming back to your partner with talking points in a cool and neutral state. Don’t start the conversation with “You drive me so mad when you do this!”. Instead you can phrase it in a more constructive and empathetic manner like: “I feel alone and unappreciated when this happens. I understand it isn’t intentional on your part but it will make me feel more loved if this happens instead.”

2. Observation and appreciation

Everyone shows and receives love in their own language that resonates with them. For some, it may be acts of service like doing the dishes or walking the dog. For others, it may be telling their partner how beautiful they are or how much they appreciate the morning coffee that they make for them. Observe how your partner and yourself show their care and concern, or ask them directly how best to show your appreciation… and actually listen! If your wife tells you how much she misses date nights, actually take her out and make the effort even though you think that a fancy necklace will be a visual reminder of your love. She’ll probably still wear it but it may end up being a reminder that you’re not listening!

3. Change the routine

It may be somewhat challenging during these travel restrictions to whisk your partner away for a romantic escape. However even if you’re stuck at home, you can still be playful and surprise each other especially in the bedroom. Dress up in fancy lingerie even if there’s no special occasion but just to celebrate your femininity. Indulge in light BDSM with your partner or even use Tenga male masturbators for a different take during mutual masturbation. Another fun tip, nothing bonds a couple faster than having a naughty secret together! Use the Lovense Ferri App Controlled Panty Vibrator on her while you’re out at dinner. It’s definitely one way to be spontaneous and has both your desserts early!

As we approach the end of a long tunnel, this pandemic has definitely shed light on what truly matters in life like our health and the relationships that make it all worth it. With these tips, we hope that they prove helpful in strengthening your bonds and treasuring your partner.

About Noorindah Iskandar

Noorindah Iskandar, is the founder and writer behind Shy & Curious. Shy & Curious  is an online platform that explores sex and love without the fear of having to hide your Google search history! She write articles and essays about sex, relationships and intimacy through a mix of personal anecdotes and extensive research with honesty and humour.