Womanizer - Premium Eco Biolene Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator Pink

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WaterproofWater Resistant
Power TypeRechargeable, USB cable included
Vibration speedSpeeds and patterns
Battery TypeRechargeable
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It's what makes us different. Womanizer’s unique Pleasure Air Technology was a revolution to the sexual wellness industry, and it pioneered a whole new category. This innovation was specifically designed to awaken inner clitoral nerve endings and deliver a new kind of extraordinary orgasm.

Pleasure Air creates a perfect balance of sucking and massaging by rapidly changing the air pressure. In other words, it stimulates the clitoris without touching it, providing a soft and gentle - yet intense experience - and with no overstimulation or desensitization.

The Womanizer Classic is not just any vibrator. This clitoral stimulator combines our unique Pleasure Air technology with high-quality design – the new classic among sex toys for women.
The revolutionary Pleasure Air technology stimulates your clitoris without making contact, and without you feeling overstimulated or coming to rely on it. Most women experience an orgasm within a few minutes.

Key Features
Smart Silence
Biodegradable Material
Innovative air pleasure techonology

Magnetic charging
Exchangable battery
Splash proof
12 intensity level
LED indicator
Extra stimulation head