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FI Oz./mL160ml
Lubricant typeWater-Based
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The most common sexual dysfunction among men is 'Premature Ejaculation*', a troublesome concern that can lead to relationship issues. Regain control over your sexual functions by using this masturbation aid to increase stimulation intensity and start training for a more fulfilling sexual life today.

Tenga - Stamina Training Lotion is a special lotion developed for training with moderate viscosity and lubricity. Common lotions generally tend to be "excessive" in viscosity and are not suitable for use in routine training. "TRAINER LOTION" has been adjusted to "moderate viscosity and lubricity" based on TENGA's many years of knowledge.

Best used with the Tenga - Stamina Trainer Keep Training Masturbator, developed specifically for premature ejaculation training. Training in the proper way can help you master the art of control.

*Excluding premature ejaculation associated with a disease.

Key Features

• Lubricant used for training premature ejaculation

• Moderate viscosity and lubricity

• Best used with the Tenga - Stamina Trainer Keep Training Masturbator

Product Specifications

Volume: 160 ml

Usage Care: For those with sensitive skin, we recommend performing an allergy patch test first. Discontinue immediately if a reaction occurs.

Box includes

• Tenga - Stamina Training Lotion

Cleaning and Maintenance Care

• Store in a dry, cool place