Fifty Shades Of Grey - Delicious Pleasure Silicone Pleasure Balls

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Base type: Finger Loop.
Flexibility: Rigid.
Contains latex: No.

How to use Kegel Balls

Firstly, isolate your PC muscle. PC muscles could be. Move as if you were trying to stop your urine half-way. The muscle you contract is the PC muscle. This is the motion you'll be making as you perform the exercises, squeezing or pulling the pelvic floor muscles up toward the lower back.

When inserting the kegel balls, find a comfortable, relaxed position, such as sitting or standing, and gently push the balls into your vaginal opening. Stop just as they're completely in, don't press them to the back of the vagina or up near the cervix. Close your legs to help keep them in place as you position yourself for the sitting exercise. Isolate the PC muscle and use it to try to move the balls back and forth. If initially you can't move the balls back and forth, focus on squeezing the balls and holding it for a few seconds, then relaxing for a few seconds.

For the standing exercise, use the weight of the balls and the force of gravity to make you work your PC muscle. Stand and position your feet shoulder-width apart. Use your PC muscle to hold the balls in your vagina. If you stop contracting your PC muscle, the balls will fall out. Perform this exercise three times per day, working each time to hold the balls in place longer.

The squatting exercise combines elements of both the sitting and standing exercises. Place your feet as wide apart aspossible. Bend your knees slightly to move into an easy squat. Use your PC muscle to hold the kegel balls in place and move them back and forth. Move into a deeper squat to make it more challenging.

How to Remove the Kegel Balls

Sweep a finger into the vagina, behind the first ball and gently pulling downward. Wash with warm water and very mild soap. Rinse well, making sure to remove all soap residue as soap can irritate the delicate vaginal tissues.

Benefits of Kegel Excercise

By strenghtening the pelvic floor muscles, it helps in prevention of urinary and fecal incontinence. Additionally, Kegel balls could also be use for vaginal stimulation and increasing arousal.

More Information
ManufacturerFifty Shades
Total Length6.75 inches
Insertable/Usable Length 4.25 inches
Circumference4.65 inches
Contains phthalatesNo
Contains latexNo
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Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure - Silicone Pleasure Balls for Massaging G-Spot. Deeper Arousal with Clitoral Stimulation | Jiggle Balls, Erotic Products

The Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure silicone balls help in harmonizing and satisfying your body in unison creating erotic sensations inside you. The smooth silicone built pleasure balls roll around erogenous zones of your body, cuddling your G-spot to amplify exhilaration. Sensuous silicone balls help in strengthening your pelvic floor, with tighter Kegel muscles; you experience stronger, extensive, and more recurrent orgasms. Slip silicone balls inside you and celebrate intimate sensation of systematic internal weights, touching your inner spots with every movement.

Features :
Comes with a luxurious satin storage bag, enables you to carry pleasure balls anywhere while travelling
Sensuous internal balls offer tantalizing stimulation, supplement an impulsive edge to amatory desires
Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure balls set the environment for a seductive intercourse by enhancing sensual arousals
Made with ergonomic products, safe to use on tender parts of the body, already tested for hypoallergic properties

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