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Tenga - Uni Unisex & Universal Masturbator for Men and Women Topaz

Tenga - Uni Unisex & Universal Masturbator for Men and Women Topaz

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UNIsex & UNIversal.

For men and women, alone or in pairs.

TENGA UNI is a next-generation pleasure item that anyone can enjoy, regardless of gender or sexuality . Enjoy your pleasure life more easily and freely !

It's made of stretchy material with a gentle, jiggly feel, so you can enjoy it in any way you like, such as by wearing it on your finger and placing it on your female genitals, or turning it over and wrapping it around your male genitals. Since it is stretchy, it can be used in any size.


Topaz: Repeating Round Cut for Bursting Stimulation


Impactful stimulation with bold details !

Bold details with a jewel-like appearance create impactful excitement.
When you wear it and use it, it provides a sharp and firm stimulation, and when you apply it, it feels close to oral, and you can enjoy different pleasures depending on the details.

It's hygienic because it's single-use!
You can easily try it out at an affordable price !

Each product is packaged in an environmentally friendly pulp mold package, and since they are single-use, they can be used hygienically at any time.
You can use it right away when you want to use it at an affordable price, and you can enjoy it easily.


How to Use

  • Apply lotion to the inside and edge of the body, cover the tip, and use by stretching it out.
  • Wear the product between your two fingers, apply lotion to one side, and use it to your desired spot.
  • We recommend using it mutually or for foreplay before penetration. It can also be used on days when insertion is not possible or for a short break after insertion. 


Product Specifications

  • Product Size: 21mm x W43mm x H58mm
  • Packaging Size: D32mm x W88mm x H73mm
  • Product Weight: 27 g
  • Packaging Weight: 40g 
  • Disposable: Yes
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