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Dona - Scented Massage Oil (Vanilla Buttercream) 3.75 Oz

Dona - Scented Massage Oil (Vanilla Buttercream) 3.75 Oz

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Dona Vanilla Buttercream Scented Massage Oil 3.75oz - Pheromones Infused Sexual Wellness Oil for Boosting Libido. Body Massage Oil

Feel the passion and make an intriguing difference to your intimate sessions with Dona vanilla buttercream scented massage oil! This libido-boosting massage oil helps you get rid of unsatisfactory sexual performance. This exotic oil not only arouses the senses or relaxes body and mind but also moisturizes the skin. This scented oil is perfect for intimate massages as well as to rejuvenate health of tissues in and around intimate areas.

• Erotic scented oil acts as a stress busting massage oil - moisturizes and rejuvenates skin
• Soothing blend of unique ingredients to amplify your sexual desirability
• Regular use can help to ease away anxieties of sexual performance
• Long lasting formula - aphrodisiac-pheromone infused oil blend induces libido-boost that lasts for many hours

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