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Dona - Scented Massage Oil (Strawberry Souffle) 3.75 Oz

Dona - Scented Massage Oil (Strawberry Souffle) 3.75 Oz

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Dona Strawberry Souffle Scented Massage Oil 3.75 Oz - Sensual Aphrodisiac Oil, Long Lasting and Non-Greasy Formula. Erotic Body Massage Oil

If you fancy some sensual foreplay with a romantic massage, then Dona Strawberry Souffle scented massage oil is a perfect grab for you! The perfect blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones with stimulating aroma heightens the sensual sensitivity and leaves your skin scented and irresistible. The long-lasting and non-greasy formula of this erotic massage oil makes your intimate sessions highly effective and comfortable. Choose this sexual wellness oil that perfectly works as a perfect technique to enhance your mood!

• Long lasting formula - Perfect sensual oil for intimate sessions and libido-boosting
• Natural aphrodisiac oil to put your partner in the right mood
• Enhances healthy sexual desire and improve your life quality and relationship
• Sexual wellness oil makes your skin easy to glide and prevents skin dehydration

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