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Dona - Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous

Dona - Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous

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Dona Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous - Long Lasting Perfume, Ultra-Light and Refreshing Fragrance. Sensual Spray for Men and Women

Unveil your inner desires with Dona Too Fabulous perfume! Infused with stimulating aphrodisiacs and synthetic pheromones, this pheromone perfume with seductive fragrance entices the partner and leads to make your intimate sessions more fun. Ultra-light and refreshing fragrance makes this exotic perfume unique and preferable. Dona perfectly works in conjunction with the natural pheromones of the body which enhances the sexual appeal. Sensual cologne can reignite the sexual passion between you and your partner.

• Infused with synthetic pheromones to boost desirability
• Infused with invigorating aphrodisiacs & pheromones- enraptures your lover with seductive fragrance
• Improve your relationship with just a few dab or sprays of perfume - Intoxicating fragrance triggers powerful sexual responses
• Pheromone perfume helps to make your love life passionate

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