Lovense - Max 2 Revolutionizing Male Masturbators

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Availability: In stock

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Regular Price: $239.90

Special Price $159.90

In 2019, the newest version Lovense Max have been released. Max 2 now has an improved sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and a redesigned vibrator. Add ALL of that to an easier charging process, longer battery life, and extra-improved sensors. 

The toy enables app-control functions, which means you can control the vibrations from any distance and there are versatile ways to do that, including sounds activated control, sync to music control and by creating unlimited vibration patterns. .This toy designed to provide male orgasm. 

Key Features

Designs and Look - Max 2 exterior ridges help user to hold on easier while using the toy, an upgraded clear skin-like sleeve containing many bumps and nodules that provides unique sensations accommodates most sizes and stimulates while you stroke. Lovense also offers a flesh-colored vagina sleeve that you can add on. The Max 2 now has three useful controls on the bottom of the masturbator. The adjustable air vent with an adjustable sliding cover allows you to control the suction power level, Quick Air Release instantly deflate the pumps If the pressure level is too high and air pump vent that should be kept covered during cleaning time.

The Vibration - The Max 2 features powerful and pleasurable 360-degree contractions. There is 3 contractions settings (between subtle, mild, and deep) and 7 vibration settings. Its even stronger and bigger than the previous version.

Here are the 7 vibration settings

  • Low vibration. (continuous vibration)
  • Medium vibration. (continuous vibration)
  • High vibration. (continuous vibration)
  • Pulse mode. (Pattern)
  • Wave mode. (Pattern)
  • Fireworks mode. (Pattern)
  • Earthquake mode. (Pattern)


The next level - To really take it to the next level you can pair it with a partners sex toy. The Max 2 and Nora control each other when they are used together. The toys are designed to react based on your partner’s movements. The harder the man thrust into the Max 2, the more the Nora vibrates and rotates around. Vice versa, the harder the lady thrusts with the Nora, the more the max 2 vibrates and contract. 

Lovense Remote - It enables your partner to control your toy from anywhere. Their smartphone app features versatile ways to play with. You can create patterns that works amazingly for you and save it for next use, you can also enjoy music during play time and sync the music for random patterns that surprise you and your partner. In addition you could also try out their voice activation to let your hands - free by changing intensity levels with their programmed voice commands feature. I am sure you will find one way that works amazingly for you. When Max 2 is controlled through the app there will be two controllable functions, contraction and vibration.

SKU 728360599612
colour White
Weight 748.0000
Material TPR
Waterproof Water Resistant
Power Type Rechargeable with USB Charger
Functions Bluetooth Male Masturbators
Vibration speed Speeds and patterns
Total Length 241.42mm / 9.5 in
Width/Diameter 85.84mm / 3.33 in
Battery Type 2 hours of charge provides 1.5-2 hours of continuous use
Lubricant type Water-Based
Additional Information
What's Included:
  • (1)Max 2 Bluetooth Male Masturbator (Includes Neutral Hole Sleeve)
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (1) User Manual


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