Dona - Scented Massage Oil (Flirty Blushing Berry) 3.75 Oz

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Availability: In stock


Dona Flirty Blushing Berry Scented Massage Oil 3.75oz - Sexual Wellness Oil with Pheromones or Relieving Stress & Boosting Libido. Safe Sexual Enhancers

Step into enhanced level of intimacy with DONA Scented Massage Oil! Perfect blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones make this a unique proposition in the niche of sexual health accessories for men and women. DONA body oils are often gifted as a part of bachelorette party gift hampers. Why? Soulful aromas soothe away stress, relax muscles and leave the skin soft and supple—a must-have if you want foreplay to be adventurous and comfortable. Blushing Berry Aroma Oil leaves the skin smelling exotic and provides an irresistible, silky touch. This sexual wellness oil combines all the wonderful benefits of body massage oils. Consider this scented oil for intimate massages as well as for rejuvenating health of tissues in and around intimate areas. Can be used as a light-duty lubricant that moisturizes the skin!

• Long lasting formula - aphrodisiac-pheromone infused oil blend induces libido-boost that lasts for many hours
• Exotic scented oil designed to intensely moisturize and rejuvenate skin
• Infused with soothing blend of unique ingredients to amplify your sexual desirability
• Works as a great stress-busting massage oil. Regular use can help to ease away anxieties and fears about performance in the bedroom

SKU 796494405178
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