Bucked Men - Phantom Cum Play Water & Silicone Based Lubricant 240ml

SKU: 796494408100
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Availability: In stock


Bucked - Phantom Cum Play Original Lubricant 240 ml

Designed for those who love to play with the rewards of a good ride. Realistic cum, in a hybrid formula, so you can shoot it, feel it, love it and get the juices flowing. It's also fortified with vitamin e and aloe vera for a smooth feeling that's a sexy, healthy, feel-good experience. Use a little, or a lot, depending on how many stallions you wanna imagine are here to play. Rinse nozzle after use to ensure pleasure to the last drop.

- Slick and stringy
- Cum lube is similar to look and feel of authentic semen
- It's white, creamy and very fun to use
- Fortfied with vitamin e and aloe vera to help protect, heal & soothe
- pH range of 5-7. Ideal for anal use
- Water-based silicone lubricant.
- Safe to use with silicone toys
- Non staining and cleans up easily
- Made for men by men

Key features
- Looks and feels like the real thing
- Hybrid formula
- Fortified with vitamin e & aloe vera

240 ml

SKU 796494408100
colour White
Weight 0.5000
Functions Water + Silicone-Based Hybrid Lubricant 120ml
FI Oz./mL 8 fl.oz / 240 ml
Condom safe Yes
Lubricant type Hybrid
Brands Bucked