Try Fun - Soul Series Thousand Faces Masturbator

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Power TypeUSB Rechargeable
FunctionsVibrating Masturbator with Auto Vacuum Suction
Vibration speedSpeeds and patterns
Total Length26.9 cm
Width/Diameter8.4 cm
Battery TypeRechargeable
Condom safeYes
Lubricant typeWater-Based
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The Try Fun's Flagship model from the soul series

The 'Thousand Faces' is a multi functional electric masturbrator with design inspired by the ultra-modern space capsule. The elegant bright moon white frame is integrated with the deep sky dark LED touch screen. The minimalist design of returning to the origin attaches a touch of oriental Zen to the fair cup frame. Apart from exceptional design, it is also a piece of technology that depicts China's Deep Tech industry that touches all parts of our lies. The soul series defines the next generation of men's pleasure.

The ultimate sensation is here! The ‘Thousand Faces’ features an exciting 6 in 1 with 3 extremely irresistible erotic whirlpools of suctions. 4 different vibration modes, and high tech LED touch screen buttons! To achieve more of your expectations, the tight silica gel sleeve is designed to give the utmost pleasure. The ‘Thousand Faces’ provides a great level of comfort perfect for your daily use. You can get the best of both worlds with 2 available sleeves sold separately, The tight model and the comfort model.

Warm it up to a realistic body temperature for additional pleasure with its heating fuction in just 4 mins, and it will preserve its heat for 11 minutes serve you all the way to the end of your session. Finally, the Thousand Faces - soul series has a Turbo button to turn on 'God-mode' instantaneously to maximise the suction force and vibration force at your command !


  • 3 x variations of Vacuum automated suction experience
  • 4 x vibration modes to explore , Low, High, Pulsation, and Wave pattern
  • High Tech LED Touch Screen keypad
  • Warming functions to adjust to life-like body temperature
  • One touch Turbo GOD MODE button, conveniently located at the index or middle finger position while grip the device into action. Turn it on to maximise the suction and vibration force instantly!
  • Exquisite design of a highly pleasurable Body-safe TPE Silica gel sleeve that is easily replaceable. Made of high standard material that is easy to clean and reused 50 - 100 times.
  • USB rechargeable Device, charging time 2 hours for 1.5 hours of utility
  • Made in China with High level of Technology
  • 1 Year Warranty