Tenga - Play Gel Direct Feel Water Based Lubricant

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FI Oz./mL150 ml / 5 fl. oz
Total Length44×53×146mm
Contains phthalatesNo
Condom safeYes
Contains latexNo
Contains glycerineYes
Contains parabenYes
Lubricant typeWater-Based
IngredientsWater, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate, Methylparaben
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TENGA PLAY GEL - Direct Feel

TENGA's highly functional lotion that is easy to wipe without stickness. The water based lubricant gel is rich in texture and offers your skin with a lasting moisturising effect. 

Product Features

  • Moisturising effect leave your skin feeling smooth
  • Does not feel sticky on skin owing to super-slick formula 
  • To be applied substantially on the vaginal or toy's opening and on the penis' head 
  • Easy to wipe off without stickness

What are the differences between each PLAY GEL?

 Each PLAY GEL has different texture and viscosity:

RICH AQUA (white): The thickest PLAY GEL, with long-lasting moisture
NATURAL WET (red): Jelly-like viscosity but liquid to the touch
DIRECT FEEL (black): The thinnest PLAY GEL, for defined sensation