Tenga - Flip Zero 0 White Male Masturbator

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FI Oz./mL3 sample lubes (included)
Total Length17.5cm
Contains phthalatesNo
Condom safeYes
Contains latexNo
Contains glycerineNo
Contains parabenNo
Lubricant typeWater-Based
Additional Information

Overall Maintenance

1) Remove the Slide Arms and flip the item open.
2) Wash under running lukewarm water.
3) Place on the Slide Arms to air dry.
4) Once completely dry, close and replace Slide Arms for storage.

■ Wash with cold or tepid water.
■ Use only neutral or mild soap. Soaps high in acid or alkaline content may damage product material.
■ Do NOT wash with alcohol or other cleaners.
■ Please ensure the product is completely clean and dry before storing to help avoid mold and other build-up.


Body size: 70×80×180mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Packing size: 77×92×213mm / (D)×(W)×(H)

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Tenga, the creators of Japan’s most popular line of masturbatory aids, Their unique flip-open structure brings you a new world of reusuable pleasure items for men!

Zeroing in on the Possibilities of Pleasure - FLIP 0 (ZERO)

Using their finest materials yet and the latest technology, TENGA is proud to present the latest in Male Pleasure Technology, the FLIP ZERO. TENGA has taken its unique FLIP Series to new heights of pleasure. A seamless insertion point provides the perfect seal for no lubricant leakage and a strong vacuum made possible by a one-way valve. The FLIP 0 (ZERO) features their most intricate internal details yet for great sensation, and their pioneering FLIP-open function keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses.

Product Features

  • Equipped with an expandable mid-section, Tenga Flip allows penises of all sizes, no matter how thick to be fitted with ease
  • The new integrated pivot improves insertion sensation with the hinge at the entry point.
  • Use of soft elastomers give this Tenga toy an ultra-soft feeling - very real, like human tissues
  • The smart packaging provides buttons that help you control the Flip Hole effortlessly
  • Perfect to use it with tenga water based lotion.
  • Flip open design makes it easy to clean, best washed with tap water without any abrasive cleaners or scrubber
  • The slide arms act as a drying stand and a clear casing for storage ensure hygiene.

What is the difference between the FLIP ZERO and the FLIP ZERO BLACK?

The flip zero black features tenga firmer material inside with entirely new internal details, designed to provide stronger suction and more intense stimulation than the white flip zero.

What is the difference between the FLIP HOLE and the FLIP ZERO? 

Where the FLIP HOLE was two separate halves held together by a hinge, the FLIP ZERO features our “Integrated Pivot” – a hinge inside the product body. This makes the insertion point of the item seamless, which drastically reduces lubricant leakage as well as improves vacuum intensity – especially with the addition of a new one-way-valve. On top of this, the FLIP ZERO is made of our Premium material, that was previously only available in Japan, and with our improvements in molding and engineering technology, the details are the most intricate to date. With the new design, the FLIP ZERO is not only easier to hold, but the Slide Arms also allow for much easier assembly.