Pjur - Hand & Skin Disinfecting Hand Gel 100 ml

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FI Oz./mL100ml
Contains parabenNo
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The highly effective alcohol-free disinfectant!

Quick, safe and hygienic cleaning to pjur's proven premium quality standards.

Highly effective pjur disinfectant for skin and hands. Free from alcohol, perfume and microplastics. This product is skin friendly, pH-neutral, vegan and does not dry out the skin. Designed to meet the highest personal hygiene standards.

Made in Germany. Registered in line with Germany's Biocide Notification Ordinance.

- Highly effective, hygienic disinfectant
- Effective in 30 seconds, non-sticky - Free from alcohol, very skin friendly

Size: 100 ml.
Weight: 0.124
Type: Spray
Color: Transparent