Fun Factory - Stronic Petite Mini Pulsator Deep Sea Blue

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Power TypeUSB Rechargeable
FunctionsThrusting Vibrator
Vibration speedSpeeds and patterns
Total Length170mm
Insertable/Usable Length 110mm
Width/Diametertip-diameter 2.5 cm (max. diameter 4 cm)
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Fun Factory - Stronic Petite Mini Pulsator Deep Sea Blue

Most do not know that the nerve-rich clitoris is more like an iceberg, as around 90% of the whole organ is hidden underneath the surface.

STRONIC PETITE has been designed with this key idea in mind!

It starts with a gentle and Easy-insert tip, followed by RIDGES designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the vaginal canal and stimulate
the thousands of nerve endings of the clitoral legs. Also great for rubbing the clitoris from the outside, to build arousal. All of this, while
thrusting, HANDS-FREE.

The toy is extra light, making it comfortable to hold and to use completely hands-free.

STRONIC PETITE comes with five speeds and three patterns to spoil you with various sensations – from a soft foreplay-like thrust to an epic finale.

• Color: Deep Sea Blue
• Category: Pulsator • Weight: 210 g
• Speeds & Patterns: 5 speeds and 3 rythms
• Charging Time: 4-6 hours initial charge
• Battery Life: up to 3 hour play per charge
• Memory function to save your favorite setting
• Forward thrusting function for hands free experience
• Made in Germany