Fleshlight Girls - Kissa Sins With Insatiable Tectuire Vagina Masturbator

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American Pornstar “Kissa Sins” spent much of her early years in Canada, before breaking into the porn industry in 2015. Oddly enough, she started at a later age than usual, appearing in her first film at age 28. Her natural talent quickly helped her become a huge name despite her late start, in only 4 years, Kissa has made a name for herself as one of the world’s most popular and skilled pornstars. She is well-known for her wild performances and energetic sexual appetite.


Measuring at the standard 9 inches, the insatiable sleeve has four chambers of pleasure, with a variety of shapes and pleasure nodes built to blow your mind. 

Chamber 1: A 2-inch long, cone-shaped chamber, full of cross ribs that get tighter as you push through. Nice and tight, this chamber feels great as you penetrate, squeezing your penis as you feel the edges rub along your shaft on each and every stroke. 

Chamber 2: A 1-inch long smaller sphere, covered in small round bumps. Although not as intense, this section adds even more pleasure as the entrance and exit get narrower around your tugger. 

Chamber 3: This is the central chamber and the largest of them all. The overview looks incredible and it did not disappoint. With firm bumps, closely packed together, there’s a vibration feeling as you penetrate through this section, ending with small circular bumps before transitioning to chamber 4.

Chamber 4: Full of spirals and has large, tough ribs around the edges, you’ll get more than enough intense stimulation to bring you to the promised land