Pink Womxn Of Substance: Dr. Vani Khare Of Sanrakshan Pte Ltd, Singapore, And NGO Faith Foundation Trust India

Pink Womxn Of Substance: Dr. Vani Khare Of Sanrakshan Pte Ltd, Singapore, And NGO Faith Foundation Trust India

We are proud to continue our feature of prominent womxn of substance!

1. Tell us more about what you do

I am a humanitarian, child rights advocate, and a biologist. I founded a social change organisation Faith Foundation that has reached out to 500000 children and adolescents across India and Southeast Asia. I am also currently doing a postdoctoral fellowship in a lab at the Institute of Molecular and Cell biology at ASTAR Singapore.

2. Why do you do what you do?

Surprisingly there are no whys to it. I just have this inherent realisation in my core that I am here to create safer spaces for those who need it and promote healing through my efforts. It feels like I have a sacred contract with divine/universe or that higher energy. My best work often comes through me and not by me.

3. How did you get started?

My father was a major influence to me. He was a paleobotanist and mentor to many. Watching him do his work got me interested in science.

But one day as I was working as a senior scientist in one of the industrial firm, I met a pregnant woman who wanted to abort her 7 month old child because she felt that the world is not a safe place for a child. It was heart wrenching to learn about her childhood abuse trauma. Her story shattered my belief system and transformed me in so many ways. That’s when I started gravitating towards working with children and promoting safeguarding.

4. What messages do you have for fellow women out there?

Here I am sharing my opinion about sexuality, female pleasure, and sex toys with the world. I can’t help but contemplate how my mother or grandmother never had such spaces for them.

But it’s only because of their efforts that I have this voice, I have a seat at the table and I dare to speak my mind.

Women before us have paved this road of revolution for us.

So my request to my fellow women is – keep building that road further. So that there are more seats at the table for women after us.

5. What messages do you have for fellow women regarding their sexuality?

I have a lot to say about this. But maybe this is one starter message.

Sexuality stems from inside and we are seasoned to seek it outside of us.

I would suggest you take a step back and think – start getting acquainted with your own sexual pleasure organ Clitoris.

The same clitoris that is chopped off of a significant population of women in this world. And those of us who have it intact often know nothing about it. We shut down from exploring it, because of shame, guilt and the taboo world has attached to our body, sexuality, and female pleasure. How ironic it is that we managed to clone a fully functional female sheep before we discovered the clitoris (Female pleasure organ) in 1998.

Your body has a right to claim the pleasure that it is capable of. And your clitoris is the route to it. You just need to know it better. I’d highly recommend you to get clitrate.

6. What do you think of sexual wellness products?

One word – Oh Yes !!!!!!

When one is on the journey of exploring pleasure, sexual toys are great aids. We need to stop looking at sex toys in a sleazy, shameful, taboo way. And actually start respecting them for the work they do. That is to be the aid in our pleasure journey in the safest way.
There are enough scientifically proven studies on the positive impact of orgasms on female health and wellbeing. And sexual toys can help you to achieve that. I also strongly recommend it to young girls who have started exploring their sexuality.

7. Do you have a favourite sex toy?

My all time favorite is still a good vibrator. Also honorable mention to those that stimulate oral effects. I heard that there are those that can be used in long distance relationships. Perfect for evolving relationship dynamics of current age. I guess I hopped on the wagon late, and I am looking forward to the pink lifestyle to enlighten me more.

8. What do you wish you knew about sex and sexuality growing up?

I wish I knew that I have the right to my body, the right to say no, and freedom to express my sexuality. I wish that my vulva and my breasts are as celebrated as the rest of my body parts, instead of being seen as equipment for the sexual arousal for men. That I should not be feeling ashamed or guilty for having them.

I wish that instead of being shunned from exploring my sexual desires I was told how to explore it in a safe way. And above all, I wish I knew that the female body is capable of immense pleasure.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t have a 10 years plan. With the current pandemic situation, I am learning to respect the impermanence in a way I have never done before. All I can say is that I will still be serving my calling and doing everything needed to amplify it further.

Oh and secretly I fantasize having a well-funded lab exploring the science behind female pleasure and developing solutions for lesser explored female diseases.


Vani Khare is a humanitarian, child rights advocate, and molecular biologist. She is the founder of the social change organization Sanrakshan Pte Ltd, Singapore, and NGO Faith Foundation Trust India. She is currently also attached with the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology ASTAR Singapore as a postdoctoral fellow.

Her NGO Faith Foundation Trust holds the Guinness Book of World Records 2017 for conducting the largest child safeguarding session of the world.

Vani has worked with children and women internationally in Singapore, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Her organisation has supported to Refugee pregnant women in Malaysia and advocated for their right to get safe medical care on humanitarian grounds.

She has also worked with the Ministry of social and family development at Batam to provide safeguarding measures to schoolchildren there. Her organization along with Dentsu Agies has also won the Lotus Ad-Fest Award for creating an innovative AI-based campaign on child safeguarding which was displayed on the bus stops of Singapore.

Her work has been featured at various prestigious platforms, media, and news networks, She has also been featured by TEDxWomenSingapore, TEDxNationalLibrarySingapore at their one- month-long exhibition.

She is also a poet and writer, she and her students are featured at Singapore Poetry Festival every year.

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