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4 Intermediate-Level Sex Toys By Joyen

4 Intermediate-Level Sex Toys By Joyen

Do you have the confidence of entering a sex shop without feelings of being overwhelmed and confused? Would you say that you are a safe space for your rather conservative friends who are total beginners in the realm of sex and pleasure? Are you curious about upping your game and are excited about exploring more erotic offerings? Well, here are 4 things that may be able to satiate your carnal interests.

1.) Pelvic Exercisers

If you have already established a routine with your current arsenal of toys, then you may already have a keen idea of your needs and wants. You may also have already figured out your level of endurance and how this can impact your pursuit of pleasure. Pleasure Balls are a prodigious way of increasing enjoyment with your existing set of toys as these help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to benefit sexual function. Using these is like warming up for the big game!

2.) Glow-in-the-Dark Gear

For the more visual folk who still prefer a bit of anonymity in the dark, the Evolved – Luminous Dildo Glow adds a “light” layer of mischief as you go about your nasty needs. It sure gives the phrase “light at the end of the tunnel” a whole new meaning as well. If you are looking for a trial without going for the full investment, you can also try glow-in-the-dark condoms on a penis or a dildo to simulate the effect.

3.) Pheromone Perfume

While this next item is not exactly a sex toy but rather, a sex tool – which is an object that can support a sexual experience, it has strong reason to be on this list. Scented candles are one thing, but what if the aroma emanated from your body itself? Think: animalistic attraction, as depicted in the German television series Parfum (2018). While society has defined rules for beauty and sex, there are instances beyond civil explanation in which we find ourselves at the mercy of. Sometimes, we cannot control who we are attracted to, and we simply have to follow our nose.

4.) Electro Stimulation

Definitely not for the faint of heart, electro stimulation is like harnessing the power of electricity to use it as a vibrator. Visits to the physical therapist will never be the same again. Designed for the brave and the impertinent pervert, Electrastim packs are beginner-friendly USB-charged powerhouses of pleasure with a multitude of patterns and intensities. Use at your own risk-aware quest for sexual gratification for the most shocking and delightful of experiences.

Hopefully, this list will keep you busy in the next few months. Got any comments or suggestions of other sex toys and tools to add? Send us a message!

About Joyen

JOYEN is a Sadistic Rope Bondage Dominatrix and Burlesque Stripper, with expertise in the art of macabre and seduction. Her favorite style is aesthetically-pleasing and acrobatic tormenting rope, and Her interest lies in the realm of elegant fetish and erotica. Nothing delights Her Infernal Majesty more than those willing to completely surrender their darkest and most vulnerable selves (and wallets) in the dangerous embrace of Her rope.

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