What Are The Most Reliable Vibrators For Women?

What Are The Most Reliable Vibrators For Women?


Masturbation, to begin with, comes in a huge part of women when they want the sexual attention that they need for themselves. If they can't get that from a partner then that's a way to do so. Sexual pleasure can be brought by a lot of things when it comes to masturbating and one is Sex Toys. Vibrators are one of the most popular toys used by women all over the world. Not only does this give pleasure in the bedroom, but It can also give pleasure anywhere. Here's a list of Vibrators wherein you can rely on these when you want to feel the love anywhere you go! 

Vibrator for Beginners


When I say 'mini' it means a vibrator that can fit in your purse or even your pocket! I know I got your attention there! These vibrators come in different sizes that are perfect for discreet appearances. The best are the bullet vibrators that come as small as lipsticks. The vibrator that is famous right now is the panty vibrator wherein you let the vibrator sit in your panty and take it with you everywhere you go. It's controlled by a remote that's why your partner can choose the vibration modes for you! These vibrators look small but it's high-quality and durable! You can trust these babies when you're looking to have some fun in public areas or just use them in your spare time. Here are some mini vibrators you might love!


The Budget Pick


Glam Squad Mini Vibrator Set by Evolved


Love Honey Black Gold Vibrator by Satisfyer


Dark Pharaoh Remote Controller Vibrator Panty by Blisstoyz



The Runner-up


Now, who doesn't love a little G-spot stimulation? These vibrators are up in this game all the time! Hitting the G-spot is usual for sex, but hitting it using a vibrator is a different kind of experience. There are different kinds of choices to choose from for a great vibrator, check these out on Pink Lifestyle. But some G-spot vibrators give you the best of both worlds, some give you a clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time. Most vibrators have multiple vibration patterns that will blow your mind. You're missing out if you don't have one of these. These can enhance your masturbation and give you multiple orgasms. You can use these with your partner or even when you're single you can still achieve the best orgasms. Check these Vibrators out! 


Eve's G-Spot Thumper with Clit Motion Massager by Adam &Eve


Black G-Spot Stroker Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator by Happy Rabbit


Hype Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator by Romp 



Last but not least...


Our Top Pick


These Vibrators are life-changing! These are controlled by remote control or an application that you can download on your smartphone! It's very high-tech and fun to use! It's perfect for couples who are in long-distant relationships, Or the people who would love to explore the different vibration modes while being controlled by the remote! It's so high-tech that part of an application is the music. Music can now control your vibration patterns and make you reach the climax you've always wanted! It sounds intimidating, But it's a vibrator that is a must-try! Try one and I bet you'll want even more!


Lush Gen 2 App Controlled Silicone Bullet Egg Vibrator by Lovense 


Double Plus Remote Couple Vibrator by Satisfyer 


Purple Chorus Remote Control Couple Vibrator (App Compatible)by We Vibe 




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Photo included: Evolved- Glam Squad Mini Vibrator Set form Pink Lifestyle.com 

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