I’ve always had a high libido. I will always set time aside to be intimate with my partner or indulge in solo play time at least once a day prior to having kids. When my husband and I were dating, we had intimate sessions on average twice a day.

Even after we had our first daughter, we still managed to find the time and energy for daily fun. My husband knew exactly how to knock my socks off and sometimes this took some time and effort from him, we had all the time in the world and boy, was it amazing!

This all changed when we had our second baby. My son is classified as an extremely high-need baby. To save my sanity, I let him sleep in the bed with us. This put a bit of a damper on our sex life and eventually my libido. I now needed to get my first child to sleep, nurse my second child to sleep (which normally took hours) then figure out a way to keep him safely in the bed so my husband and I could creep over to the floor for a quickie.  Dont dget me wrong, I love my kids but ……

On average, we had about five to ten minutes (if we are lucky!) for a quickie before our infant son woke up demanding our attention again.

As many women and mothers can attest to, it can take more time (than 5 – 10 minutes) to get a woman to climax, even in ideal circumstances. Adding in the fear of my son waking early has kept my mind from focusing on the pleasure occurring and I struggled to have an orgasm. I struggled even getting wet and enjoying the sex. I kept trying. I wanted to feel pleasure again. I desperately missed the passion my husband and I previously shared.

So when a girlfriend mentioned the Lovense Ferri mini bullet and how it helped her achieve quick orgasms when time was of the essence, I figured we needed to try it!

My husband, feeling defeated because of his struggle to bring me pleasure was all for trying ANYTHING!
I took my friend’s suggestion and read about Lovense Ferri.

Lovense Ferri came in a vibrant shade of hot pink and black. Not that the colour should matter, but I do like the colour pink!

So, Ferri is a small, wearable, low-profile, quiet and very powerful panty vibrator targeted for clitoral stimulation.

Basically, I can attach it to my panties with the potent magnetic clip. It’s quite comfortable and gives me complete freedom of movement to touch and feel my husband (when time permits).  With its tiny size and weight of only 35 grams, Ferri ensures strong vibrations and is equally good for both teasing and full-blown orgasms at a short time.

Ferri’s quiet motor makes it an ideal toy for many scenarios such as solo play, private adventures and discreet play in public places.

I ordered Lovense Ferri the next day and it arrived in two days, just in time for the weekend.

We tried the magic bullet that first night and I climaxed into blissful euphoria in time for my son waking up and needing me.

My husband was happy that I finally could enjoy the pleasures as he controlled the toy via Bluetooth, our favourite Playlist and his voice. He loved the technological aspects of Ferri (being a Techie).

My friend is right. It is definitely worth it. It’s so quiet it doesn’t wake sleeping babies! EVER! Since the sleeping baby was a mere ten feet away, and we did NOT want to risk waking him.

Ultimately, after the second pregnancy, my husband and I felt disconnected as I struggled through a high-tension, low-libido period. Getting back to normalcy is an ongoing process, with many different steps, but the mini bullet helped bring some passion back into my life and helped me feel like not just a mother, but a woman, capable of feeling pleasure again.

And that feeling?


Available from www.pinklifestyle.com

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